Reasons why plant remains unhealthy

Why plant remains unhealthy?

Healthy plants will always make you happy especially when you are having them in your own garden. But imagine a condition in which you are taking care of your plants for a long time and still they are not flowering or your efforts to keep them healthy are not enough. Moreover, it is always disappointing when a cherished specimen suddenly looks sick.

You won’t get real pleasure of flowering unless you learn how to take care of them. Do you know, what are the reasons that your plant remains unhealthy? It is not always the insects or pests to blame for. We the best plant nursery in jaunpur shares some common reasons for unhealthy and non flowering plant.

1.      Choose the right plant -
A most important task is to choose a plant that can be expected to flourish in conditions you can provide. Always buy healthy plants and protect them by taking care of those new plants. Even the leaf, stem or flower problems can occur and One should learn to recognize the cause of problems so that you can take immediate action. Adarsh Bagwani provides best nursery plants in Jaunpur.

2.      Soil quality -
The quality and type of soil is the most important factor for the overall health of the plants. Nutrient rich ready to use soil by Adarsh Nursery is best for your plants. Get soil from us as we provide best nursery plant services and gardening related products at reasonable price. So, for overall health chooses a well amended best quality soil that suits your plant. Only garden soil is not sufficient for plants; it should be well amended with different additives like peat moss, dried Sphagnum moss, coco peat, etc. to make sure plants are getting required conditions. To enhanced soil quality and plants growth try out our best soil and fertilizer products.

3.      Plant food / Fertilizer-
We all know that plants also require food for survival. The food for plants is available in the form of nutrients in the soil. If the plants are potted then all the available nutrients will wash away over a time making your plants strive. Use plant-specific or general purpose fertilizers and manures, may be instant or slow release.
4.      Over watering-
Remember no life can survive without water. Insufficient water during growing season leads to wilting of leaves or non-flowering plants. However, over watering is the most general cause your indoor plant will die or get sick. So, the right amount of water should be applied to water, neither less not more.

5.      Light-
Almost every plant requires 4-6 hours of sunlight for proper growth. Plants need light to perform photosynthesis process; this is a process in which plant will prepare its food.  Insufficient light or less light will make plant undergo stress which affect its ability to produce flowers and become unhealthy.

6.      Check for insects-
If all the required conditions are met for a plant’s growth and still it is unhealthy and not flowering then your plant may be under bug attack or infected. Remove unhealthy and infected parts of plants from your garden coz it may affect other plants too and apply good quality organic fertilizer for boosting plant immunity. Whatever may be the reason behind your plants remain unhealthy, it is always advised to enhance the natural ability of plant to defend against insects and bugs. You can also use neem leaves or cake to fight against insects in your soil. We provide best nursery plant service to protect your plants and make them  healthy.