Reasons why plant remain unhealthy.

Why your plants remain 


A blooming plant makes you happy especially when you have all that blooming plants in your own garden. What if they don’t grow properly, what if they are not flowering even after taking care of plants for a long time and still no flower or fruits...It is really very disappointing. This shows that your effort of keeping them healthy is not enough. You will never get a real pleasure of flowering plants unless you learn how to take care of them.

Have you ever thought why plants are not growing properly? What are the reason that your plants are not flowering or remains unhealthy? There are various reasons behind unhealthy plant, it not always the insects or pests to blame for. Here are some common reasons for unhealthy and non-flowering plants:-

                                                                                                               1. Choose the right plant for your garden:-
Choosing the right plant is the most important task that can be expected to flourish in conditions you can provide. Always buy a healthy plants for your garden, plant them properly. Take care of plants whether its leaf, stem or flower. You should learn to recognize the cause of problem so that you can prevent them by taking immediate action.

                                                                                                               2. Check soil quality:-
The quality and type of soil is the most important factor for the overall health of the plants. As general study, most of the plants require well-drained loamy soil that can provide good aeration to the roots. Soils full of nutrition are ready to use and best for growing plants. So for the proper growth of plant, choose a best quality soil that suits your plants. Not only soil is sufficient for plants growth, but also some additive nutrients for proper plants growth.

3.       Use best Fertilizer/Plant food:-
A well-drained garden mix soils always the best option to keep plants healthy but it is not the ultimate thing that plants require. Plants also require food like humans to survive. This food is in the form of nutrients in the soil. If the plants are potted then all the available nutrients will wash away over a time making your plants strive.
Remember, a starving plant is most prone to get sick and naturally it won’t produce flowers. So, don’t let them starve. Use specific or general purpose fertilizers and manures for plants, they may be instant or slow release.

4.       Check for bugs:-
If all the required conditions are met for a plant‘s growth and still it is unhealthy and not flowering then check for bugs, your plants may be under bug attack or infected. Remove unhealthy and infected parts and apply good quality organic fertilizer for boosting plant immunity. You can use neem leaves or neem cake to fight against bugs/insects in your soil. Whatever may be the reason behind your plant becoming unhealthy; it is always advised and suggested to enhance the natural ability of plant to defend against odds. Use organic fertilizer for plants, best quality mix soil which help your plant flowering and healthy.

      5. Over Watering:-
Remember no one can survive without water even plants. Many plants can cope with infrequent watering in winter but failed to provide sufficient water during growing season soon leads to wilting of leaves or non-flowering. Plants need certain amount of water to survive and grow, so water them and care properly.
 However, over watering is the most general cause for your unhealthy plants. Plants will die or get sick due to over watering. So, the right amount of water should be applied to plants, neither less not more.

      6. Light:-
Many flowering plants require at least 4-6 hours of sunlight for proper blooming. Sunlight is very important for the proper growth of plants. Plants need light for photosynthesis, the process in which plants will prepare its food which help in the growth of a healthy plant. Whereas less light will make plant undergo stress affecting its ability to produce flowers and become unhealthy.



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