Caring of Newly Planted Trees

Caring Techniques for Plants

Is Caring of plants really important? Of course, Caring of newly planted trees are very important. There is a basic requirement of water, sunlight, and a good soil for plants to grow. All young trees really need to be watered for at least the first two to three years of their lives so that they flourish and establish but the most important time to water is the first growing season after planting.
Once a tree is established there is no need to water unless you experience severe drought conditions as it just encourages roots to come to the surface. There are various techniques to take care of newly planted trees as well as old trees. Adarsh Bagwani the Best Nursery Plants will tell you about various plant caring techniques:-

Why is it so important to water regularly? Watering regularly is very important for plants to grow.Watering is best done early morning or late afternoon to avoid evaporation. One's may need to increase watering when the weather is hot and dry. Not watering enough will cause the tree to decline yet it is the most common error people make with newly planted trees.

Light is a plant’s most basic need. Plants process food through photosynthesis, which occurs in sunlight. Different plants have different light needs. The type of light plants need falls into various groups:
Direct: Sunlight that hits the plant directly, without any barrier.
Indirect: Light shines in a room not directly on a plant.

Mulching is as important as watering for plants which helps to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Just spread a layer of Mulch, such as wood-chips or leaf, around the base of the tree and this will help the tree to establish. It is best to mulch in mid of spring or autumn when the soil is warm, and not in the winter or early spring when the soil is cold. Trees are best mulched and kept away from stems to avoid them from getting diseased.

All the nutrients are not present in soil which are essential for the plant growth. Each soil type has its own mix of nutritional ingredients, so we select the fertilizers that our plant require. With the help of fertilizer we can over-feed our plants. In return our plants will reward us with bigger flowers, bigger leaves and bigger fruits and vegetables. Too much fertilizer can damage and maybe even kill your plants.

Plants have individual nutrition needs, and beginning gardeners should be careful not to over feed their plants. Plants get their food through various sources like:
Water-soluble: A liquid mixed with water and poured on the plant.
Spikes: A solid food that is pushed directly into the soil and releases nutrients slowly.
Granular:Sprinkled around the base of a plant and watered in.

When a plant becomes top heavy or its roots grow out of the drainage hole, then it’s time to re-pot. Always choose a container that has a drainage hole and use potting soil for your plants rather than a dirt from the yard. Firstly add a little soil to the bottom of the pot and tamp it down. Remove the plant from its old container carefully, shaking soil loose from around the roots so they will spread out easily in the soil.


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