What are basic care required for plants in monsoon?

Basic Monsoon care of your garden

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Taking care of plants is an essential component if you want that your garden stay healthy for lifelong. Your well maintained garden will definitely reward you in terms of beautiful flowers, fruits and other healthy plants. All of us love to see our healthy plants in our garden. However, plants in the garden may catch infections in the rainy season. Don’t worry!! Maintaining garden is not a big thing to achieve if you follow some basic tips. Adarsh Bagwani the best nursery plant in Jaunpur tell you some amazing tips to take care of your plants and garden:-

1. Check your garden on regular basis
Check your garden especially after when a heavy wind has passed over a garden. Check for any broken stem, dust and garbage were carried out by the wind. Keep your garden clean. Check your plants in the garden, if any disease occurs on the plant or any other anomaly.

2. Provide support to your plants
Many plants are vulnerable to strong wind so make sure it is not damaging your plants.
If you have some young slow growing trees or shrubs planted in a garden, provide support to them as strong winds may damage them.

6. Prune your plants
You must prune the infected leaves branches. You can also prune unwanted excess growths. This will help in plant growth.

3. Don’t let your soil erode
Rainwater may cause your garden soil to erode exposing roots which hamper the growth of the plant. In extreme case, a plant may start dying. Create a barrier around plants so that soil would not erode but remember this barrier should not create water logging condition.

4. Make sure that you provide water according to their requirement
Even though sprinkle of rain is good for your plant, make sure you have well-drained soil and especially pot is not placed where water is getting logged in it.

5. Use fertilizers
Yes, you can fertilize plants in monsoon. Heavy rains may cause nutrients to wash away from the soil. Use good organic slow releasing fertilizers and manures for your plant.

7. Remove Insects from your garden
Garden is likely to catch insects or pests that thrive on sap in the plant. Increased humidity and shelter is provided by plants. Literally, remove insects by picking them as they are likely to increase their population and soon become uncontrollable. You can also use good insecticide or pesticide to get rid of them.

8. If required ask help from expert
If you are not sure about what to do, it is always better to ask an expert regarding your problem and make it clear. Adarsh Bagwani provides best gardening techniques for your garden. Gardening is a joy, stress-relieving and mind freshening activity which makes you happy. Keep your garden healthy and fresh with green plants, for this all you need is some time and interest. 

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