Best way to take care of rose plants

How to take care of rose plants?

Hello readers, welcome back to our blog-spot. We are the best plant nursery in Jaunpur to provide plants with best tips to grow in your garden. Today we are going to discuss about how to take care of rose plants. The best time for a rose to bloom is winters; make sure you manure them in every winter. Manure may be cow's manure or mix that is easily available in the market or in the village areas. The sunlight is the most essential part so make sure that plant must be placed in sunlight.

Make sure that when the winter starts cut your rose shoots so that there is growth of new leaves, and apply medicines on the shoots to prevent the rose plant from getting infected with pests. Let’s know how to take care of plants in details:-

1.      Plenty of Sunshine: 
Rose plant should be placed in garden where it can easily absorb great amount of sunlight. This is the first and foremost ingredient. When planning your garden, keep in mind those roses like full sun. If that is not available, some roses will tolerate partial shade.

2.      Rich, loose soil: 
Roses require a lot of food and nutrients to grow. The good quality of soil should be used for proper growth of plants. Mix and Mulch soil along with a good amount of Gypsum and Alfalfa Meal.

3.      Provide plenty of nutrients: 
Roses consume significant amounts of nutrients. When growing flowers, a fertilizer heavy in phosphorus will help promote those big, beautiful blooms that growers seek. Most garden stores will have several varieties of fertilizers and ones specifically for roses. Our EB Stone Organics and Green All brand fertilizers work really well on keeping you roses healthy.

4.      Pour on the Water: 
Rose plants like lots of water. They like loose soil, which drains well and keep them nourished. The right amount of moisture held in the soil compliments the amount of compost you provide. We also recommend you water at the base of the plant and avoid getting the leaves wet.

5.      Prune and trim: 
A rose bush will also respond favorably to a good manicure. Prune or trim your bush on a regular basis. Allow several main stems to grow and develop. Allow enough room between the stems of rose plants for good air circulation. This will help to avoid plant diseases.

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