5-Best Health Beneficial Plants that grow easily

Health Beneficial Plants that you can grow easily

Grow plants in your garden easily which are beneficial for your health. They are easy to grow and can be prepare easily. These plants are full of nutrition and provide important chemical compounds that fight from diseases and improve health. 5-Best health beneficial plants are defined below:-

    1.  Mint and Basil:-
Fresh or dried basil were used to add a mild, sweet flavor to soups, salads, fish, meat, and sauces. And fresh or dried mints were used to flavor vegetables. Add fresh mint to hot soups and beverages. Basil and mint aid digestion and diminish inflammation. Basil and mint are also strong sources of Luteolin, which many boost the immune system. They are very beneficial for health.  

2.     Carrots:-
Carrots are good source of Vitamin-K1, lutein and carotenoids which protect eye health. Carrots health benefits includes a good source of antioxidants, supporting healthy heart, supporting health teeth. Carrot takes 30 days for sweet baby carrots and 50 to 80 days to reach full size and maturity. Recent studies say one carrot a day can cut the rate of lung cancer in half. Three medium carrots contain 60mg of calcium, 586mg of potassium and 30,000 IUs of Vitamin-A. 

     3. Sweet Potatoes:-
Sweet potatoes are grown from rooted cuttings called “slips”. Sweet potatoes are ready to harvest in about 100 days. You can serve sweet potatoes in different ways; it may be cooked, boiled or mashed. Sweet potatoes contain Vitamins-A and B6 as well as potassium that helps to protect the immune system and regular blood pressure. When eaten with the skins, sweet potatoes have more fiber than a cup of oatmeal. Best nursery plants in Jaunpur

4.     Pomegranates:-
This fruit grows on a small tree or shrub. Pomegranates are long-lived but sensitive to frost in fall and spring and do not mature well in cool climates. Propagate pomegranates from cuttings. Pomegranates contain high levels of antioxidants that keep the cardiovascular system healthy. One glass of pomegranate juice everyday will lower blood pressure. The antioxidant capacity of pomegranate juice is equal to two to three that of green tea. Best plant nursery in jaunpur

     5. Strawberries:-
Before buying strawberry plant check the variety you purchase; June-bearing strawberries produce one crop a year in late spring or early summer; ever-bearing strawberries peak in early summer and then continue to bear through autumn. Strawberries contain chemicals found to protect cells against cervical and breast cancer. Compounds in strawberries may protect the brain from short-term memory loss. It has many health benefits. Best plants in nursery Best nursery plants in Jaunpur